‘Sabar’ – Fortitude, Courage ….

An Ancient Word

Sabar’.  This ancient Indian word covers many emotions –  fortitude patience sufferance tolerance courage.

Growing up, if we suffered a deep grievous loss or were in a hopeless, helpless situation, our elders would comfort us with these soothing words, ‘sabar karo, beta, sabar karo’ – ‘Have patience and be courageous my child’ amidst other words of encouragement. ‘Sabar‘ – we need massive amounts of that in 2022!!  

As travel protocols, testing, border restrictions and now a war looming large, continue to choke the life out of family reunions, we are comforted by those ancient words –

sabar karo, sabar karo’ – ‘Have patience, fortitude, courage’.

An Ancient Song

In tandem with that word, an old Indian song strums in my heart as we think of loved ones we long to be with – 

Lag ja gale se fir yeh hasin raat ho na ho‘ …. lets embrace each other with love – lest this moment be not ours ever again.

A Loving Tribute

Today, we, a family spread out globally, draw comfort from these emotive sayings and pay tribute to a dear departed young niece from our midst – a jewel now shining like one of the stars in the sky. Her battle against an ailing condition, surrounded by her loving family, was a noble one.

The ‘Battle’

Sabar’ – no passive emotion, this!! Rather a highly active one based on the sure knowledge that every battle encountered by the human spirit has its conclusion, and every battle ultimately has a ‘victor’ as well as the ‘vanquished’.

Even through our deep loss, yearnings of the heart, happiness and everything in between, we will lift up our eyes to the ‘Victor’ and keep pressing on.

Sabar‘, Fortitude, Courage ♥️

5 thoughts on “‘Sabar’ – Fortitude, Courage ….

  1. Sabar indeed, Kamni – you have found the absolutely correct word for today – the personal and the public both have desperate need for patience & fortitude. Thank you!

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