‘Movers and Shakers’

Back in History

Movement to another country often nurtures marked achievements for some people, possibly sharpened by the upheaval and resettlement challenges encountered.

Achievements such as those attained by famous people like Einstein who, in December 1930, left Germany to escape the Nazi aggression and settled in New Jersey. By the 1950’s he had shaken the world with his many theories that led to vital new discoveries.

Another famous ‘achiever’ from his move to South Africa, was Gandhi who came face to face with the bitter and ugly face of racism from the same group of people who were lording it over Gandhi’s home country of India. The experience drove him back to India to shake the world with his ‘freedom from the oppressive British rule’ movement, using his philosophy of non-violent protest as his main weapon.

Juma, the ‘Displaced’

That is on the historical level. Yet, there are many such achievers amongst people at the grassroots level – even amongst those that have been ‘displaced’ from their own countries. And for whom ’marked’ achievements may come through, a few generations later. As it was for Juma.

Juma, had to flee from the infamous Congo crisis of the 1960’s and take refuge in Tanzania. A politician’s aide in Congo, Juma unfortunately had to start from scratch in his new abode and cut many losses – including that of ever becoming a fully fledged politician. Nevertheless, he ended up shaking his adopted community as a very respected and wise Community Councillor. He died in 2005.

Chantal and her Grandfather

Today, Chantal talks about ‘Juma, my grandfather’ fondly and attributes her ambition of becoming a lawyer, back to that of her grandfather’s drive. Herself a migrant to Australia now, Chantal faces her fare share of hurdles, including the challenges of language, culture and colour, with an ever ready smile.

Working part-time in an Aged Care Centre, Chantal started her degree course in Government and International Relations in 2018 and then added Law to this. In the following years, she was offered a government funded Colombo Plan internship overseas but then COVID became a global pandemic curtailing Chantal’s opportunities of an overseas internship. Nevertheless, she moves on ahead with a burning ambition to eventually also become a ‘shaker’ in the world around her. Watch this space!!

Published by Kay Dee

I am a mother of three beautiful children and grandmother to three equally wonderful boys and a beautiful little girl. Retired from a teaching career, I have forever enjoyed the art and discipline of writing and expressing my love for the love God has poured into my life. Now, at the beginning stages of blogging, I'm trusting Him to lead me forward.

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