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Across the Seven Seas


Welcome to the page that attempts to record the many voices of those who have historically left one country for another, ‘across the seven seas’, voluntarily or involuntarily and often as a community.  Their emotions, social, domestic and political circumstance are imbued in their history-making lives as they embraced their new settings.

As one who has been a migrant twice over, I’ve long been intrigued about the whys and wherefores of people movement and how this shapes individuals and communities. As such this blog aims to tell the stories of these movements for encouragement and for reflecting on a) the political or social settings lived through in those times, and b) the love and grace of God that instilled strength and forward-looking mindsets within those challenges.

If these sentiments and my posts resonate with you, please leave a comment – I would love to hear from you.

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Communication is King

https://www.mynameissiri.com/ Communication is the key that spells life for us from the get go, and we latch on to that key pretty quickly.  If our voice fails to deliver the required discernible sounds, then other features like our eyes, hands and finger signing take over. How skilled and highly equipped is the body!! 


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