Another Strange Year

A Delicate Flower

2022 was another strange year, emerging from bizarre ‘lockdowns, ever-evolving vaccines and much political mayhem’, affecting our lifestyles from the grassroots up.

Like a delicate flower opening tenderly in the dawn of the day, we, too, unfurled and visited loved ones far across the seas. Joy no longer strangled, we laughed as we hugged each other once again. Air travel, after a long woeful silence, had now fired up its jets on a global scale.

Challenges, Happiness and Sorrow

Challenges, happiness, grief and sorrow, laughter all came into the mix after the COVID years, propelling us towards the end of this strange year, now concluding with rumours of 4th waves, more boosters, more political dramas, but more hope, love and charity as well ….

For our extended family spread across the globe, sadly the year ended as it began – paying tribute to yet another much loved young, adult child from our midst.  A gentle giant and the eldest amongst the maternal cousins of that generation, he was laid to rest with tears and much sorrow. 

Free from the many layers of this strange year, may he, too, now ‘be shining like a jewel in the sky’. 

Hope Spreads Its Wings

Another day dawns. 

A rainbow glows in the sky after the weeping of tears, and hope spreads its wings for tomorrow.  

We rejoice quietly in our hearts, individually as well as collectively. 

Here’s to a wonderful, hope-filled, joyful Christmas with loved ones and a very Happy New Year.

‘I am not what happened to me,

I am what I choose to become.’

Carl Jung

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