The years in between

Years that lie in between the realising of our dreams are essential.  It’s a time for us to touch base with our families, spread out as they are.  A time to take a stock of our strengths and weaknesses and how best to work through the challenge of kids overseas.

Words of wisdom?   I needed many and still do.  I know only that I can not fight off or ignore my emotions.  When I go down, I have to ride it through with His strength,  even when I have a million doubts and questions and unanswered prayers.

His light shines even in those dark still nights where no inspiration fills our minds and no words can be penned or typed.   Another morning will surely dawn ….

Whilst we wait  –  WHY?

Whilst we wait,

wait for answered prayers

wait for those crucial resolutions –

resolutions to problems that hold us captive –

that bind us down to these moments,

Whilst we wait, questions arise.


Oh why, does Time stretch out so, Lord?

Why does Life corner me so?

Why is there so much conflict,

from within and without?

How come people’s mouths –

even those of believer’s at times –

open so wide against me

with power and punch –

mouths filled with words that

knock the wind out of my crunch !!!

Why is it so Lord, Why?

Why? Because life is full of challenges.  Challenges that all mothers (not just mothers with kids overseas) face ….

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