2021 – The Year of Vaccines and Variants

Whilst the process of our ‘new-normal’ swirls around us, life keeps on going through its age old ‘normal goalposts’. Births, marriages, buying and selling of houses, work, study and even travel for some, is an endless list, albeit now tinged with masks, registrations, vaccine passports and much more.

Every major scientific laboratory in the world was and is furiously engaged in churning out the solution so desperately needed to primarily safeguard us from the current virus. A ‘cure’ from COVID19 seems to be an ambiguous concept, at this stage.

2021 will go down in history as being the year when all the nations started rolling out these sought after vaccines, after months of furious research, development, testing and manufacture.

Now half-way through the year, variants, Delta being the most prevalent, is the talk of the town. Whilst Australia and New Zealand go hard on keeping their case numbers down to three digits with quick lockdowns and ramping up of vaccine stations, other western countries show positive cases in four digit numbers and far fewer lockdowns.

In the midst of it all, politics, natural disasters and civil unrest keep on happening around the world – hearts keep on breaking.

Still, it’s not all doom and gloom. Necessity is the mother of invention. On the social and business front, the advent of zoom has opened up communications to the extent never realised before, bringing in much light-heartedness, entertainment and the ability to ‘attend’ remotely.

On the medical front, research in laboratories round the world keeps on gaining ground and much needed solutions are being developed, giving us hope of surviving even this catastrophe.

Another way of life is being paved ahead for our kids and grandkids. We know they will adapt and take to it like ducks to water, like we did when the age of technology engulfed us.

COVID will have its measure of sway in history.

Nevertheless, viruses, vaccines and variants are but mere ‘grasshoppers’ in the ultimate and giant sway of human and natural order of life, created by the mighty hand of God.

Published by Kay Dee

I am a mother of three beautiful children and grandmother to three equally wonderful boys and a beautiful little girl. Retired from a teaching career, I have forever enjoyed the art and discipline of writing and expressing my love for the love God has poured into my life. Now, at the beginning stages of blogging, I'm trusting Him to lead me forward.

2 thoughts on “2021 – The Year of Vaccines and Variants

  1. Good, if sobering, assessment of the extraordinary times we’re living through – perhaps the most truly “global” in our lives…

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