Rains – and the ‘Big Dry’

Seeking Solace in our Gardens.

The ‘Big Dry’

Parched grounds and rock-like conditions of the ‘big dry’ in Australia are disastrous for farmers, consumers as well as the economy. When the much longed for rain eventually does pour down, it’s nothing short of a miracle and provides a surge of energy for digging, turning the soil and nurturing plants and trees.

The sheer joy of having the ground yield willingly to all the hard work, in contrast to unyielding rock-like conditions of the ‘big dry’, is every land-worker’s dream.  No wonder cultures everywhere and in every age clamour for rain and celebrate its coming with exuberance.  Rain is and will always be the pivotal element needed for our livelihood.


In this later half of the 2020 pandemic, many of us, with our now restricted life-styles, are finding a renewed solace in our gardens, small or large.  Getting back to basics has never been so rewarding as it is in this present climate. We learn quickly about the vital role of rains for our gardens.

The tranquility of working with nature, that silently absorbs all the elements around, nurturing and growing seeds and saplings, flowers and fruits, transposes the soul to a level of hope and peace as nothing else does.  

This phenomenon is reflected in the abundance of youtube stories on gardening right now; and my favourite? – Li Ziqi’s charming portrayal of her living off the land. The sounds of nature, of sowing, planting, harvesting and cooking the produce, highlights her innate connection to the fields.

Rains – courage, hope and peace

Lockdowns and drastic cuts in international travel have cast their ‘dry spell’ on millions of relationships and businesses, tearing into the very fabric of economic energy.  Yet, striving for a resolution, for the ‘rains to pour down and soften these hard and rocky problems’, gives us a measure of courage, hope and peace.

While we await these resolutions for the pandemic, nature stands as a stalwart witness to the One whose unwavering desire is to bring hope and peace to a hurting world in spite of our age old angst of “Where was God ….” or “Why does God allow ….”.

Rains – may they truly pour down, remind us of the solace that our souls long for and bring healing and nurture to ‘the big-dry’ of our distressed and hardened lands.


  1. Katrina Germein’s book ‘Big Rain Coming’ depicts the anticipation of rain in an isolated Aboriginal community.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kseRKxkq5iY – prayer for rain.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o33PRJR_yVI – Making Use of Every Part of the Lotus: Flowers, Leaves, and Roots | Liziqi Channel


To all our farmers tilling the soil, come rain or shine, rain or the big dry, thank you for ‘the rocks that you shatter’ that we may have food on our tables ….

To all our research teams working day and night to produce the much-needed vaccines for to-day – thank you for your meticulous screening and researching to resolve ‘the big dry’ of life in this pandemic.

Published by Kay Dee

I am a mother of three beautiful children and grandmother to three equally wonderful boys and a beautiful little girl. Retired from a teaching career, I have forever enjoyed the art and discipline of writing and expressing my love for the love God has poured into my life. Now, at the beginning stages of blogging, I'm trusting Him to lead me forward.

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