School Holidays

Here they are again. I have lots to catch up on at home so am looking forward to the break from teaching, classroom routines, a thousand staff meetings, pedagogy, professional development, planning, assignments – marking and reporting!! Yes, these holidays are definitely designed for the teachers more than the students!! And only when you are one, can you fully understand the importance of these holidays.

And yet, underneath it all, I have a sitting dread which I sweep under the carpet for as long as I possibly can. Being a mother of kids overseas stares me in the face much more acutely at these times than at any other.

There are a million chores lined up, many plans to be made for the future, quite a few people to ‘catch up with’. And I go through each task with gusto. But its not long before the fervour and desire and care for all these good things starts to wane …. those whom I had lived for and nurtured with all my heart, who had consumed my days for the biggest chunk of my life, are not around, not at the receiving end of any of this fervour and desire and care.

Grief, sorrow and hopelessness start visiting me whilst a bucket-full of my tears stand by ready to party. I invite them in and entertain them – to my own detriment. But I know I must, and do, look them squarely in the face and say  ‘I refuse to believe and dribble in this gooey sloth with you – I refuse to party !CQrZLQoUwAAMvCz!!’

I draw my shiny silver sword of faith out from its sheath and say ‘ No – I shall yet be the victor. I do not know how, I do not know when or where. Only this – I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus who strengthens me.’  With a few swift strokes of my sword, I banish the visitors from my presence. My tears melt off into the air and beam down at me.

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As I do so, the Captain of my soul stands right behind me, with His hands on His sheath, ever ready to bring me into His victory.

Aloo Parathas

Now I look forward to having two other visitors, instead, for lunch tomorrow …. they are my daughters’ ages, maybe a little younger …. both looking forward to “Aloo Parathas” (Paranthas stuffed with potatoes).  One of them is a child of   ‘a mother of kids overseas’.   😊

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