Ready to start

Ready to start with some dreams being realised after decades –

After an incident in 1966 to be precise.  At that time I had been getting some legumes for Mati from the walk-in pantry of our home in Nairobi, Kenya.  I remember being filled to overflowing with the love of God in my heart and saying, “Lord your love is so wonderful.  When I grow up I want to go out and share your love with others.”

A couple of words dropped into my heart ever so gently but ones that I have never forgotten – “South-East Asia”.

And that was it.   I have never had any cause to question or wonder about them or anything – just carried on with my life, which involved migration first to England and then to Australia.







Published by Kay Dee

I am a mother of three beautiful children and grandmother to three equally wonderful boys and a beautiful little girl. Retired from a teaching career, I have forever enjoyed the art and discipline of writing and expressing my love for the love God has poured into my life. Now, at the beginning stages of blogging, I'm trusting Him to lead me forward.

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