Stepping out ….

January 2014 – the year I  finally realised that moment of sharing His love as we set out for the Philippines – South-East Asia.  Standing in the church grounds of Brisbane, Australia with a group of young people waiting for the bus and praying for safety in our travels, a fresh breeze blew from behind me on this still, balmy summer’s morning. Instantly my heart started dancing.  Yes, the Lord really is the wind behind my sails – no matter how long it has taken, I will journey on forward – until I reach my “Final Destination”.

Waiting at the terminal of the Gold Coast Airport, I remembered Mati.  I felt like I was “in my mother’s shoes”, metaphorically and literally  (I was actually wearing a pair of her white sandals).  I remembered how Mati had travelled to many places in groups and had been invigorated anew in her later years.  Yes, I absolutely recommend group travels at this stage of our lives.

Like Mati, I also ache for the physical closeness of my children and miss each one of them dreadfully.  Distance and geography – what a challenge!!

Thank God for –

  • Soul mates that sustain us
  • circumstances that stretch us
  • His love that strengthens us  –

–        “Zindagi Ka Safar”    –  “The Journey Of Life”

Ready to start

Ready to start with some dreams being realised after decades –

After an incident in 1966 to be precise.  At that time I had been getting some legumes for Mati from the walk-in pantry of our home in Nairobi, Kenya.  I remember being filled to overflowing with the love of God in my heart and saying, “Lord your love is so wonderful.  When I grow up I want to go out and share your love with others.”

A couple of words dropped into my heart ever so gently but ones that I have never forgotten – “South-East Asia”.

And that was it.   I have never had any cause to question or wonder about them or anything – just carried on with my life, which involved migration first to England and then to Australia.