The Final Episode – आखिरी पढ़ाव

July the 2nd.  Five years now to this day, but those moments are ever fresh in our minds.  Unforgettable heart wrenching moments. Especially those that struck deep into our hearts,         –        like this one …. “What are the doctors saying?  Why can’t they bring my blood pressure downContinue reading “The Final Episode – आखिरी पढ़ाव”

April 2018 – Clearing and Planting

There’s a time for clearing and a time for planting. The ginger and cinnamon plants had grown prolifically – to the point of being quite untidy as well as taking up more and more space in the narrow strip of our garden where we had planted them.  On the other hand our mandarin tree, growingContinue reading “April 2018 – Clearing and Planting”